Wendi Backler

Partner and Associate Director, Innovation Analytics and Intellectual Property
The Boston Consulting Group

Wendi Backler is a Partner and Associate Director in BCG’s Toronto office, overseeing two of BCG’s leading edge strategy topics: Intellectual Property and Innovation Analytics. She is the founder and lead of BCG's Center for Innovation Analytics, which leverages data science and big data to unearth emerging opportunities, technologies, trends and players, and spot disruptions. She is also responsible for BCG's flagship software product which maps innovation ecosystems.

As head of BCG’s Center for Innovation Analytics, Wendi is responsible for a team of data scientists, patent analysts and network analytics experts, and for the leading the development of analytical models, methodologies and software tools. Wendi has worked on IP and innovation-related issues with over 500 companies spanning a range of industries.

Wendi also helped co-found BCG Tech Ventures, an innovative BCG company that partners with our clients to commercialize their IP and technology and create new pathways for growth.