Sandy Huang

Producer and Correspondent
Reuters Broadcast Solutions Singapore

Sandy Huang is a producer and correspondent for Reuters Broadcast Solutions in Singapore. She is responsible for producing customized TV news content for Broadcast Solutions’ clients across Asia and Europe. This includes writing, editing and presenting a wide range of stories for Reuters broadcast clients in Hong Kong, mainland China and Europe – from breaking regional stories, to political summits and financial market updates.

Prior to joining Reuters, Sandy spent two years in the UK and worked as a location producer for BBC documentaries. Sandy’s longest credit had been with Guangdong Radio and Television. For five years she worked a wide range of roles from reporter/presenter for daily newscasts, to producer director for features and documentaries. In this time Sandy made several programs with Chinese industry awards.

Since moving to Singapore, Sandy has covered many stories on technologies and business, and has been able to draw on her multilingual skills (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) to facilitate work as a video journalist.