Jessie Zheng

Chief Risk Officer
Alibaba Group

Jessie Zheng, Chief Risk Officer of Alibaba group, is managing a team that protects the health of entire platform. This team covers obligations such as rules institution & improvement、intellectual property protection、anti-counterfeit actions、products quality management and strike against credit speculation.

Jessie Zheng joined Alibaba group in December 2010, and was the deputy CFO of Alibaba. She was announced as one of the Alibaba partners with effect from December, 2015.

Before joining Alibaba, Jessie Zheng was one of the audit partners of KPMG with 13 years of working experience in this company.



加入阿里巴巴之前,郑俊芳是KPMG的审计合伙人,拥有在KPMG 13年的工作经验。