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Connections @ IP Marketplace

Connections @ IP Marketplace is back!

In the modern economy, businesses that have successfully harnessed their intangible assets to drive strategic plans are among the world’s most powerful and profitable companies. Find out how you can grow your business with your intangible assets through Connections @ IP Marketplace – a free platform for the innovation community to meet IP experts.

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27 AUG 2019 | Tuesday

8.00am – 9.00am

Registration, Networking and Morning Coffee

9.00am – 10.00am

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Welcome Address
Opening Address

10.00am - 10.30am

Networking Tea Break

Launch of IPOS International (By Invitation Only)

10.30am - 11.45am

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Plenary 1 - Beyond Regulations: IP Offices for the Future

11.45am - 1.00pm

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Plenary 2 - Collaboration amongst Innovation Hubs: A Win-Win or Zero-Sum Game?

1.00pm - 2.30pm

Networking Lunch

2.00pm - 2.30pm

Sharing by China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (CSGKC)


Introduction of CSGKC, a world-class knowledge city, a globl talent magnet, an outstanding source of innovation, and a human-centred “green” city.


  • Mr Ang Boon Peng, Vice President (Strategic Collaboration)

2.30pm - 4.00pm

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Business Track Panel 1B - Emerging Markets: The Innovation and IP Playbook

4.00pm - 4.30pm

Networking Tea Break

Sharing by Fraunhofer Singapore


Pokemon Go meets Industry: Opportunities and Challenges of Immersive Technologies for the Digital Economy
Opportunities and challenges of Immersive technologies for the Digital Economy. How Immersive media & Advanced interface impact on Industry and Innovation. Finally the future outlook of the Immersive Technologies.


  • Dr Wolfgang Müller-Wittig, Executive Director

4.30pm - 6.00pm

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Business Track Panel 2B - Capitalising on the Intangible Economy: Are We Ready for it?

28 AUG | Wednesday
8.00am – 9.00am Registration, Networking and Morning Coffee

9.00am – 10.30am

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Plenary 3 - The Asian Century: Powering Growth with Innovation


Sharing by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)


Recent developments at the USPTO and updates on new rules and case laws


• Paolo Trevisan, Patent Attorney
• Cynthia Henderson, Attorney Advisor

10.30am - 

Networking Tea Break

10.55am - 11.10am

Artificial Intelligence Innovations: Launchpad to Patent Protection

11.00am - 12.30pm

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Business Track Panel 3B - Designs as the New Driver for Business Growth?

12.30pm - 1.00pm

Launch of Institute of Singapore Trade Mark Agents (ISTMA) (By Invitation Only) 

1.00pm - 1.30pm

Sharing by Dennemeyer


How machine learning can enhance your patent search quality? 
Including new technologies in your established search process, will increase your search quality, with very little additional effort needed. Join this talk to understand why clients such as a multi-nationals and European patent offices are using machine learning software as a fundamental tool to support their patent search strategy.


  • Dr. Matthias Pötzl, Managing Director, Dennemeyer Octimine

1.30pm - 2.00pm

Sharing by Questel


Driving Enterprise Growth with IP Data Analysis 
This year’s IP Week theme is “Driving Enterprise Growth with IP”. With the current data-driven economy, having access to accurate and curated data is the first step to providing insights to IP strategy. Coupled with the skill to analyse the valuable data, the enterprise will be empowered to make informed decision to grow their IP assets and leverage the assets to grow the business.


  • Gilles Cruanes, ASEAN-India Sales Director 
  • Anna Fong, Head of IP Consulting and Services, APAC

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Launch of FLINT - Future Leaders in INnovation Transformation
Intellectual Property (IP) is everywhere - An invention with great commercial potential; a catchy business name; an artwork and even an innovative design. IP plays a central role in innovation and entrepreneurship especially in today’s knowledge-driven and competitive business environment. IP is one of the most important assets for many start-ups - businesses which have successfully harnessed their IP are amongst the world’s most profitable companies. FLINT aims to increase awareness and utilisation of IP by entrepreneurial youths. 

4.00pm - 5.30pm

Closing Reception



We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate and improve their efficiencies. We provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses to leverage the power of new technology to engage with their users and customers and operate in a more efficient way.

Our businesses are comprised of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, and innovation initiatives. In addition, Ant Financial, an unconsolidated related party, provides payment and financial services to consumers and merchants on our platforms. A digital economy has developed around our platforms and businesses that consists of consumers, merchants, brands, retailers, third-party service providers, strategic alliance partners and other businesses. 

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Lazada Group - Southeast Asia's No. 1 Online Shopping and Selling Destination

Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number-one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

With 300 million SKUs available, Lazada offers the widest range of products in categories from beauty, fashion, and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, sports equipment and groceries.

Focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, it offers comprehensive customer care and hassle-free returns through its own first and last mile delivery arm supported by approximately 100 logistics partners. Lazada Group is majority owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA).

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Anaqua is a premium provider of integrated, end-to-end innovation and intellectual property (IP) management solutions. Used by nearly one million IP executives, attorneys, paralegals, administrators, and innovators worldwide, the ANAQUA platform merges best practice workflows with big data analytics and tech-enabled services to create one intelligent environment designed to inform IP strategy, enable IP decision-making, and streamline IP operations. The solution suite integrates workflow, collaboration, docketing, data visualization, and worldwide patent analytics in a SaaS platform to provide new levels of productivity and insight to make better business decisions.

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China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (CSGKC) is a state-level bilateral collaboration project between China and Singapore, also an iconic cooperation project between Guangdong Province and Singapore, which is located at the geometrical center of Guangzhou, as well as in the northern part of Huangpu District, with a total planned area of 178 square kilometers and a total planned population of around 700,000 - 1,000,000 people. 

CSGKC is positioned as a unique, vibrant and sustainable city that is highly attractive to both talents and knowledge-based industries. In 2019, as the core innovation platform of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, CSGKC was included in the strategic planning of the GBA. 

Since the ground-breaking in 2010, CSGKC has developed into a prototype of a future city in nine years' time.

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CPA Global is the world’s leading IP management and technology company, trusted by many of the world’s respected corporations and law firms. Delivered by an outstanding global team of 2500 people, our integrated offering sets the standard for reliability and secure, verified IP data. For our customers, we minimize risk and deliver actionable IP intelligence for better decision making. Put simply, we take the hassle out of IP management, liberating our customers to focus on what they do best.

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Darts-ip provides global information and analytics that support IP prosecution and litigation activities. Through our platform, IP professionals gain unparalleled insights into IP rights, companies, jurisdictions, legal topics and market trends.   

Darts-ip users can quickly search and track more than 4 million cases covering trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs & models, domain names, and unfair competition. A dedicated team of local legal experts, in partnership with cutting-edge AI and machine learning tools, extract key data points from every case. 

From prosecutors to litigators, R&D to business intelligence experts, Darts-ip’s smart tools help win cases, build strategies and identify new opportunities.

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The whole world of Intellectual Property: Dennemeyer - The IP Group

The Dennemeyer Group offers services for the global protection and management of Intecllectual Property rights. With 20+ offices on all continents, the group manages nearly three million Intellectual Property rights of around 3000 clients. Over more than 55 years of activity, Dennemeyer developed a diverse service portfolio, which includes legal services (Dennemeyer & Associates), IP management software and payment services (Dennemeyer IP Solutions), IP consulting (Dennemeyer Consulting) as well as patent searching and analysis services (Dennemeyer Octimine).

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DerwentTM powers the innovation lifecycle from idea to commercialization – with trusted patent data, applications and services including Derwent Innovation, Derwent World Patent Index, Derwent Patent Citation Index and Derwent Data Analyzer. We build solutions for inventors, patent attorneys and licensing specialists at start-ups and the largest global innovators, legal professionals at the leading intellectual property practices, and patent examiners at more than 40 patent offices. Our solutions are used to monitor technology trends and competitive landscapes, inform FTO opinions, prosecute patents, monetize and license assets and support litigation activities.

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The Exponent name is recognized for its integrity, objectivity, independence, and professionalism. Our corporate core values drive a commitment to client service that enables us to provide consistently high quality work to clients worldwide. For 50 years we have provided engineering, scientific, environmental and health consulting services to corporations, insurance carriers, government agencies, law firms and individuals. The firm has been best known for analyzing accidents and failures to determine their causes, but in recent years it has become more active in assisting clients with human health, environmental, engineering and regulatory issues associated with new products or processes to help prevent problems in the future. 

Our multidisciplinary organisation of scientists, physicians, engineers, and regulatory consultants brings together more than 90 technical disciplines to address complicated issues facing industry and government today. We employ the best and the brightest from the major academic institutions around the world as well as technical specialists from a variety of industries. Over 50% of our staff hold a Ph.D. or M.D. in their chosen field of study. 

Exponent has three offices located Asia, including Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. We also have offices in Europe and in the United States with its roots in Silicon Valley.

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Fraunhofer Singapore is a cutting-edge applied research centre that leverages interactive digital media technology to customise user-centred data visualisation solutions to tackle real-world problems. As the first Asian subsidiary of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest applied research organisation, Fraunhofer Singapore is the product of a two-decade long partnership between Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

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The International Trademark Association (INTA) is the global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation. Members include more than 7,200 corporations, law firms and universities from more than 191 countries, who benefit from the Association’s global trademark resources, policy advocacy, education, training, and international network. Founded in 1878, INTA is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Singapore, and Washington, D.C., with representatives in Geneva and New Delhi.

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The IP Key South East Asia (SEA) is a project directed by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). 

IP Key (SEA) has a bilateral focus, and the project collaborates mainly with countries in the region that have signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with the European Union (EU), those currently negotiating FTAs with the EU, and those where IP Dialogues preparatory to FTAs are conducted.  

The IP Key SEA is designed to facilitate trade and investment between the EU and countries in SEA by improving the intellectual property regime in these countries.   

The IP Key SEA will:  
  • Promote international standards in IPR legislation, protection and enforcement and the development of best practices;
  • Support the interest of innovators and right holders trading with or investing in Southeast Asia;
  • Contribute to greater transparency and fair implementation of IPR protection and enforcement systems in SEA and further improving the IPR environment;
  • Increase political and public awareness on the importance of IPR protection, including through government, academic, and other institutions and through private stakeholders.

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IPlus uses the Saas Based on the underlying technology and translates the key information in the file of IP which is hard to understand into the most readable images and videos (IP Content, hereinafter referred to as "IPCV"). 

By deepening the application of the scenes and contents, IPlus changes the face of IP fundamentally, and it lets IP can be understood by the user in the shortest possible time, just as in the facebook to know a new friend, through artificial intelligence. Using artificial intelligence to shorten the IP industry retrieval, application, review time and workload, creating enabling conditions for communication for IP, and thus accelerate the conversion of IP into products and services possible.

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Since its establishment in 1994, Kangxin has grown into a leader amongst IP law firms in China, with five offices located in Beijing, Xi’an, Japan, Europe, and the United States. Our client base includes domestic Chinese enterprises and international companies. We represent many different businesses, including start-ups, well-known domestic entities, and Fortune 500 multinationals. Each year, Kangxin grows exponentially while continuing its focus on providing exceptional intellectual property services. 

At Kangxin, we focus on our clients' best interests; a business practice which sets us apart from other IP firms in China. Our efforts have earned the company numerous accolades including: “Top Honors” from Chambers and Partners, Asia Law & Practice, and Managing Intellectual Property. According to MIP, with 1,182 PCT applications in 2016, Kangxin filed the most PCT applications in China and the 4th most worldwide. 

With dedicated teams specializing in IP litigation, enforcement, patent and trademark prosecution, Kangxin remains a driving force for Intellectual Property protection in China and throughout the world. Our practitioners are highly professional, client focused, and efficient. We recruit IP professionals from across China and abroad to join our team. There are currently more than 400 staff across our offices, 230 of whom are specialized IP professionals. 

Kangxin seeks to be at the forefront of the latest technologies and solutions for IP – the growing eService Platform developed by the firm combines AI, machine learning algorithms and big data to support the entire life cycle of an IP asset, be it trademark, patent, or copyright. The one-stop solution provides a simple, accessible way to complete a full range of services, including AI trademark search, filing, monitoring, renewals, brand protection and much more, built from the many years of our team’s professional experience in China and abroad.

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LexisNexis IP is the provider of best-in-class information-based solutions and services to meet the broad needs of the global Intellectual Property market. Our customers include the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, IP-driven companies and law firms across the globe. We offer a suite of services and solutions created by patent attorneys, to provide a comprehensive approach across the patent workflow to meet your needs for patent research, drafting, prosecution, monetization and valuation, defense and litigation and monitoring of patents or patent portfolios. We believe developing and retaining quality intellectual property drives innovation and advances the economy. Our goal is to allow you to bring IP to life in the most efficient and comprehensive manner and enable you to extract the maximum value from your patents.

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Marks & Clerk Singapore LLP is part of the Marks & Clerk group with 17 offices around the world.

We are a leading firm of Registered Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, who are highly regarded locally as well as globally and our large team enables us to offer clients a full range of Intellectual Property expertise. Within our team of technically qualified patent attorneys, we have a wide range of specialisms, meaning we can advise on any kind of technology, from electronics to biochemistry to materials.

We have won the Managing intellectual Property award for 'Singapore Prosecution Firm of the Year' for four consecutive years, being credited for the quality of our work. We are listed in the top tier for patent and trademark work in Managing Intellectual Property's IP Stars guide and Asia IP's annual survey. Our patent practice is also listed in the top tier of the Asia Legal Business IP rankings and IAM Patent 1000. 

The IAM Patent 1000 2019 guide says “Since all of its practitioners have a technical background, the specialist IP firm has a significant advantage over other firms in Singapore.”, and also that the Marks & Clerk Singapore team “maintains its laser focus on domestic patent drafting and prosecution across multiple technologies”.

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A technology solution provider of innovation intelligence to Fortune 500 R&D teams, PatSnap provides a suite of Intellectual property analysis tools to accelerate research and development. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to comb through a global index of IP data and correlate it with financial and market trends to produce analysis and insight.

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Questel is a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider to more than 5,000 clients and 1M users across 30 countries. We offer a comprehensive software suite for searching, analyzing and managing inventions and IP assets. 

Questel also provides services throughout the IP lifecycle, including prior art searches, patent drafting, international filing, translation, and support during licensing negotiation and litigation. These solutions, when combined with our IP cost management platform, deliver clients an average savings of 30-60% across the entire prosecution budget.

For more details, check out solves the IP world’s trademark goods and services problems. 

 Imagine a world where you can use AI-powered solutions to:

• Find allowable replacements for objected to terms 
• Prepare comprehensive Chinese language trademark specifications with subclass coverage information
• Draft high quality trademark specifications that are IP Office-compliant
• Convert existing specifications into objection-free specifications for over 65 jurisdictions
• Sort and classify outdated specifications and/or lists of goods and services
• Assess the relevance and relatedness of any goods and services against each other

You don’t need to imagine that world. does all of that and more – in a matter of seconds. 

Whether you’re a trademark attorney, a trademark search company, from an IP Office or even operate an online filing portal, can eliminate your biggest goods and services headaches, and help you:  

• Streamline your processes
• Improve your offerings
• Reduce errors
• Save time
• Increase profits

Let us show you how has changed the world of trademark goods and services.

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Spruson & Ferguson is a leading intellectual property group providing a range of IP services throughout the Asia-Pacific region from our Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and Sydney offices. With a combined team of over 400 people, including patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and IP lawyers, Spruson & Ferguson is one of the only IP firms with true regional capability, knowledge and experience.

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Sunyu Group entered the translation industry in 1996. 
Now, with more than a decade of experience, Sunyu is recognized as one of the leading intellectual property support service providers in China. Sunyu Group specializes in providing translation, localization, market research, and interpretation services, with patent translations as its core focus. 

We are committed to offering both cost-effective and high-quality solutions for diverse clients from a wide range of industries, including electronics, engineering, telecommunications, information technology, pharmaceutical, and chemical. 

With in-house translation teams, strict quality control, excellent customer service, and the latest translation technology, we have established a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry. Our goal is to deliver first-class service at favorable prices to global clients.

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The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is the official UK government body responsible for intellectual property (IP) rights including patents, designs, trademarks and copyright. IPO is an executive agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

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The British High Commission in Singapore works to develop and sustain the important and longstanding relationship between the UK and Singapore. We do this to build our prosperity, to safeguard our national security, to champion British values and to support British nationals overseas. 

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the federal agency for granting U.S. patents and registering trademarks. The strength and vitality of the U.S. economy depends directly on effective mechanisms that protect new ideas and investments in innovation and creativity. The continued demand for patents and trademarks underscores the ingenuity of American inventors and entrepreneurs. The USPTO is at the cutting edge of the nation's technological progress and achievement. 

The USPTO advises the president of the United States, the secretary of commerce, and U.S. government agencies on intellectual property (IP) policy, protection, and enforcement; and promotes the stronger and more effective IP protection around the world.

The USPTO furthers effective IP protection for U.S. innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide by working with other agencies to secure strong IP provisions in free trade and other international agreements. It also provides training, education, and capacity building programs designed to foster respect for IP and encourage the development of strong IP enforcement regimes by U.S. trading partners. 

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