IP Week @ SG 2018 Opening Video

IP Week @ SG 2018 Highlights Video

IP Week @ SG 2018 

GFIP Opening Ceremony

IP Week @ SG 2018 Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1 - Anchoring Innovation: The Future of IP Organisations

Plenary Session 2 - Anatomy of the Asian Unicorns: Intangibles Versus Tangibles

Plenary Session 3 - The ASEAN Market: Connectivity in Innovation and IP

Legal Tracks

Panel 1A - Blockchain Technology: Securing Your IP Space

Panel 2A - A Proliferation of Choice in the Marketplace: Is Technology Hurting or Helping Copyright Monetisation?

Panel 3A - Judges Panel

Panel 4A - Mock Court: Inside the UK IP Enterprise Court

Business Tracks

Panel 1B - Singapore Enterprises and Their Innovation Journey

Panel 2B - Financing an Intangible Asset-Driven Global Economy

Panel 3B - The Future of Brands in the Age of Digitalisation

Panel 4B - IP Commercialisation: Leveraging Intangible Assets for Exponential Growth

MOU Signing

IP Marketplace

Associated Events

56th ASEAN Working Group in Intellectual Property Cooperation (AWGIPC)

8th ASEAN-Japan Heads of IP Offices Meeting

ASEAN-USPTO Consultation Meeting

9th ASEAN China Head of IP Offices Meeting

ASEAN-China Innovation & IP Commercialisation Seminar

CEO Luncheon

Community of Practice

WIPO Regional Workshop

The Path Less Travelled: Innovation Opportunities, Challenges & What Lies Ahead

Young Designers & Entrepreneurs Programme

Generating Value from Ideas: IP in the Innovation Ecosystem, Key Players and Success Factors

IP Week @ SG 2018 Social Events

Welcome Reception

IP Week @ SG 2018 Dinner Extravaganza

IP Week @ SG 2018 Closing Reception