Dty Judge Douglas Campbell

Deputy High Court Judge
IP Enterprise Court

Douglas is one of the few UK silks to excel at both hard and soft IP. His recent cases in the Court of Appeal include Icescape v Ice-World (the leading case on infringement under the doctrine of equivalents following Actavis v Lilly); AP Racing v Alcon Components (patent); Frank v Nike (trade mark; upholding interim injunction granted in IPEC); London Taxis v Metrocab (shape trade mark); and Comic v Twentieth Century Fox (“Glee” trade mark). Since 2015 Douglas has been a Deputy High Court Judge. He mainly sits in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, or IPEC, but he also hears other civil and even some crime cases. He was a member of the Attorney General’s Panel of Junior Counsel to the Crown from 2010-2015 and acted for many UK Government departments including the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). He is an editor of Terrell, the leading UK patent law textbook.